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"Together we have connected the people, skills, and local communities to achieve the high standard we strive for, and to continue building the foundation of a safe, strong, and diverse workplace in Manitoba’s north."

-Director of Quality, Safety and Training
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 Alliance is an Approved Maintenance Organization within the Exchange Income group of companies that was created in August of 2021 with the vision from the beginning to bring safe and efficient aircraft maintenance to our partnered operators in Thompson Manitoba.  

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employee Testimonials

“AMS is a great place to gain valuable knowledge on both M1and M2 aircraft as well as understanding the day-to-day operations of asuccessful Aircraft Maintenance Organization.”


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

"I started working at AMS as an AME that only knew King AirB200’s. I had previously worked as an apprentice/AME for about 8 years, getting very familiar and confident in my King Air 200s. I always knew I wanted to branch out and get familiar with other types of aircraft, and AMS gave me that opportunity. I was given the opportunity to attend a Metro Series course by Perimeter Aviation. A Garret Turbine engine rigging course, and a McCauley propeller training course by Perimeter Aviation. I was also given opportunities to finish my M2 logbook & get an additional rating on my license, awesome. I was then given the opportunity to hop on an In-House ATR Course given by CalmAir LP and with it came the opportunity to go to Montreal, QC for ATR Simulator Training. I was also given the opportunity to attend a Dash-8 100/300 Flight-Line Training course. As you can tell, AMS gives you many opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge. If you want to learn & work with experienced AMEs/Apprentices, on different types of aircraft this is the place to go! "


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

“A stand out aspect of Alliance Maintenance Services (AMS) is the opportunities for growth and development. The company invests in its employees, offering training programs, mentorship, and opportunities to take on new responsibilities. As a result, I have been able to expand my skills and knowledge, which has been incredibly rewarding both professionally and personally.”


Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice